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Could you be paying less Taxes?

This downloadable guide walks you through some of the latest tax law changes that may impact your taxes now and in the future.

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Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Utilize our proprietary wealth M.A.P. to help you find your path to financial freedom.

We work with you to discover and create a money mission statement to clarify what’s most important to you in your life so we can use this as a foundation for the decisions that you make in the future to ensure that they align with what matters most to you.

Our proprietary Wealth TRACK analysis system utilizes a Nobel prize winning risk analysis, as well as an advanced tax strategies software to help us determine if you are on TRACK and what we need to do to lower or minimize your taxes and risk and maximize return on your investments.

We use optical character recognition software to scan your tax return to analyze the most common missed tax strategies to ensure you are paying the least amount of taxes possible.

We utilize a Nobel prize winning risk analysis to help you minimize unnecessary risk in your plan.

Asset allocation and conversions:
We analyze long and short term tax savings strategies to determine the optimal way to move as much money from taxable to tax free and minimize capital gains.

Cash Flow Analysis:
We help you uncover areas that you may be overpaying and suggest ways to save money and redeploy that money to help you reach financial freedom faster.

Keep More:
Legacy Planning to pass on more money to your church, family, charities, college or community.

Once we know what’s most important to you and where you are currently, we design an optimal financial plan to help you achieve what you really want. This means you can live life on your terms — a more peaceful, meaningful and fulfilled life that allows you to have the experiences you want and make memories that last a lifetime.

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The road to retirement should be paved with confidence. At Journey Wealth Strategies, we provide the knowledge and vehicles necessary to help make that possible.

We use a variety of investment and insurance products that can help you get to a confident retirement so you can live life on your terms! 


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